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The Sony A7 – Photos & Video at 35mm

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Zealand with the Sony A7 – Pictures and Videos

by Peter Lok

I got into travel photography with the Olympus EP3 and 12mm 2.0. The urge for bigger sensor came last year and the Canon 6D was the logical choice but my main grouse was the size. I still remember staring at it in the counter for sometime thinking if I should get the RX1 instead. But I didn’t want to be restricted to one lens so bought the 6D and went to Iceland. It was a trusty little giant and though it was great to use, I needed something smaller. Then came the Sony A7. I got hooked after reading Steve’s review and duly sold my 6D system and bought the A7 with 35mm 2.8. A week later came the cheap Tokina 24mm 2.8 and decent Contax Zeiss 85mm 2.8. Another week later they were on a flight with us to New Zealand’s South Island for the Christmas holidays.

During our 2 weeks in Middle Earth, the A7 survived a mini torture test, from rainy and glacier conditions at Mount Cook, to waterfall splashes at Milford Sound, to the wind and dust of Wanaka. The battery life is known to be bad but surprisingly the 2 batteries worked well for me, even with the wife leaving it on for Wifi transfer to her phone while I drove. The legacy 24mm and 85mm worked like a charm and the zoom focus (I configured in C1) along with focus peaking makes focusing a really fun …read more


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