Photography & Cinematography – The Thorsten Overgaard Lightroom Survival Kit Extention Course

Thorsten Overgaard official homepage since 1996 – Thorsten Overgaard is a Danish feature writer and photographer who contributes stories and unique branding to magazines, newspapers and companies through exclusive and positive articles and photos. His work is being printed in Danish and international magazines, some of which are available via WireImage, Getty Images, Redferns and Associated Press. Some photos are available as limited signed editions online and from galleries. Fotograf og skribent Thorsten Overgaard Aarhus Danmark

Thorsten Overgaard’s insight:
“I’m very impressed how you get to the bones of what’s needed and useful and not fill it up with useless fluff!””I really enjoyed the insight as to how you get images to ‘sparkle’ as you say…being a designer and using photoshop on a daily basis, I know and appreciate how much experience you are sharing here. These kind of things can take years to work out…it’ll take me a fair while to master but I’m already trying my hand at a few photographs. I want to emulate the look that you get with your images…they are as perfect as I’ve ever seen.”

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