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Max Hirshfeld: Shining a Light on the Arts with the Leica S-System

Eric Ziebold, chef © Max Hirshfeld
Ethelbert Miller © Max Hirshfeld
George Hemphill © Max Hirshfeld
Holly Twyford © Max Hirshfeld
Hugh Newell Jacobsen © Max Hirshfeld
Michael Kahn © Max Hirshfeld
Bob Boilen © Max Hirshfeld
Murry Sidlin © Max Hirshfeld
Philip Brookman © Max Hirshfeld
Thomas Mallon © Max Hirshfeld

Max Hirshfeld is recognized as a master at revealing the warmth and humanity of his subjects. Hirshfeld was born in North Carolina in 1951 and grew up in Decatur, Alabama. He moved to Washington, DC to study photography at George Washington University, graduating in 1973. Hirshfeld’s editorial work has been published in GQ, The New York Times Magazine, People, Time, Vanity Fair, and other national publications. His advertising work has been showcased in campaigns for such companies as Amtrak, Ford Motor Company, IBM, KPMG, US Airways and the US Mint, among others.

In the spring of 2013, Hirshfeld commenced his “ILLUMINARIES” series, which highlights key players in the Washington, DC arts and cultural scene. The project serves as an important record of the extraordinary figures contributing to the advancement of Washington arts as he details below.

Q: What approach do you take with your photography?

A: As an over-sensitized, visual learner I have …read more


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